We usually get emails from customers that often ask the same general questions about “issues” with the system, so we have added the FAQ list;

1. “I installed new plugs, Why are they not showing any discoloration after running the engine?”

This is NORMAL, this is the result of our advanced multi-spark function operating as it should, burning all the fuel that has entered the cylinder. Keep in mind that “color” reading plugs was (still is) a way to tell what your carburation is doing, the “color” is the unburnt fuel staining the ceramic, since we have a more efficient burn, this no longer really applies to us. We recommend that you service your carbs, do a full sync of them and ad ½ to ¾ turns to your A/F mixture since they all come detuned from the factory to begin with.

If you happen to be running dual Mikuni VM32's, you may need to do some Main jet tuning if you're experiencing a flat spot in the RPM range.

2. “The timing seems to be off, it idles too high. Is something wrong with the controller?”

This is NORMAL, this is also a function of our advanced multi-spark function, the more fuel that is burned the more power each cylinder is producing, which in-turn increases your RPMs, simply adjust your idle screw accordingly.

3. “If I have 3 sparks, Aren’t I burning 3 times as much fuel?”

I’ll answer this question with a question.

How does the ignition system control the Air/Fuel mixture in the carburetor?

Answer: It doesn’t. You are only burning what is already entering the cylinder – Yes, we recommend that you richen up the A/F mixture a bit, however it’s nowhere near 3 times as much!

4. “How do I set the timing?”

There is no need to set the timing like you do with a traditional system, our advanced electronics handles all of this. If you have set Cylinder 1 to TDC, compression stroke, you are right where you need to be.

5. “I tried to use my timing light to see where the timing was set. Why is the light is erratic or doesn’t flash at all?”

This is NORMAL, most timing lights can’t react fast enough to our spark trigger, and if by chance yours does, you have no way of knowing which spark you saw. There is no need for a timing light.

6. “I have a twin cylinder bike and you only put one coil wire in the box?”

Look carefully at the two ends of the wire, you'll notice that the ends are both spark plug boots. Simply cut the wire to length and terminate the two ends.

We'll keep adding info here as we come across new repeat questions. Downloads are coming soon, we'll have the Spec Sheets and Install guides when I figure out the FTP stuff..!

- Jim