Customer Comments

The rain stopped and I was able to take it out for a ride. It is much improved from its performance before. I have only a couple of little boggy spots in low gear acceleration, but the it takes off very well in the mid and upper ranges. So, I am very happy to leave the points ignition behind. I may still have some things to do to optimize the carb jetting, but right now it is running pretty nice. ...Yes, very happy with it, and thanks for the carb advice. I found from riding it all over SE Portland this afternoon that the ignition has probably resolved 95% of the carb issues I was having. It is now difficult to resist the temptation to hit the throttle, since the bike takes off so fast and smooth. There might just be a tiny flat spot in the acceleration in first gear when you are hitting the throttle right before you shift to second. Once I am in second I do not really notice any hesitations after that point. The carbs could also stand a cleaning I believe. -Thomas P.